a simple html/css timetable

So, what is this?

I got fed up with the ugly, almost unreadable, cramped timetables our school hands out. So I built myself a simple one in HTML and CSS. Why not in InDesign? Well, I wanted it to be dynamic and easily adaptable. And, of course, I needed a web app. Take a look at the demo page.

What's it do?

After you enter your data (by hand), simplett displays it as a nice, simple, easily customizable timetable. Simplett also looks great on your iPhone or iPod touch and is web-app capable. It works offline, which is great. You can even print it out, and enjoy the beauty of black and grey Helvetica on white. Or enable the "swiss" style and feel helvetihipsterish.

How do I get it?

Just download it and read the readme. You will need a basic understanding of HTML as well as a webspace to host it. If you only posses the former, you can send your index.html to me and I will host it for you here. But please, read the readme and the comments in the code.

Download (Slightly increased font size for room numbers. Just overwrite your main.css. v13: Footer margin fixed.) Updates: @simplettapp

Anything else?

You can contact me via e-mail on me (at) thisdomain or on Twitter: @xartas. There are going to be updates, so stay tuned somehow. You should follow @simplettapp on Twitter for updates.

Oh, and, no, I don't think that making a dedicated page for something that simple is a stupid idea. :)

Finally, I found something to put a Flattr button on:

(It kind of breaks the monochrome look, doesn't it?)